With Fire Boy, Sami Shah blends the tenderness of Octavia Butler, with the supernatural folklore of Nalo Hopkinson. His characters - human and otherwise - are skilfully drawn, and the vibrant streets of Karachi are vividly brought to life. Fire Boy is an eloquent imagination explosion.
— Maxine Beneba Clarke

South Asian edition:

Captivating. Sami Shah’s imagination is a place of wonder and terror.
— Kamila Shamsie

Growing up in Karachi isn’t easy. Wahid has a lot on his mind: the girl he likes, mostly, but also choosing a good university and finding time to play Dungeons and Dragons. Oh, and the fact that he can see djinns, other-worldly creatures made of a smokeless and scorching fire. After a horrific car accident kills his best friend and djinns steal his girlfriend’s soul, Wahid vows to find out why. Now he’s realising there’s more to his city than he originally thought – like women with twisted feet who stalk the roads at night and violent little urchins who seem to rule the streets. Fortunately, Wahid has help in finding the djinns that tried to kill him. Unfortunately, that help is from the darkest of all spirits, the devil himself ...

Filled with supernatural entities and high-paced action, but it also gives the reader a vivid insight into life in Pakistan.

Bold, compelling fantasy with a truly original setting.
— Saladin Ahmed

Australian edition:

Djinn-son Duology
By Sami Shah